Take your ground with a Tailgating flagpole

Tailgating flag poles for sale make it easy to stake your claim and be bold at your next camping trip, tailgating party, picnic, or store promotion. Tailgating flagpoles are available in flexible fiberglass or light aluminum. They can be telescoping for ease of setup and storage in the trunk. Avoid any telescoping Flagpole that doesn’t lock into its sections. This way the pole won’t break when the wind picks-up (or when the party gets wild!).

The highest tailgating poles can reach twenty feet and support flags upto three feet tall.

There are two basic types for tailgating flagpole mounts: the trailer hitch mounts or wheel stands.

Trailer hitch mounting brackets attach to your truck’s trailer hitch. You simply need to attach the mount to your hitch, and then secure it with the pin. If your flagpole sectional is installed in the hole in the mount, insert the bottom end into the hole, and then assemble the remainder of the pole. It might be necessary that taller poles are assembled first.

Because they’re so easy to setup, wheel stands have become the most popular type for tailgating flagpole mounted. These mounts have a steel foot that can be placed underneath your tires. All you need to do is pull up above the foot and then park. Insert the flag in to the mount. Secure it with the screw provided.

Apart from flags, tailgating flagpoles also can fly banners or pennants, pennants, ribbons, and so forth.

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