Where can you invest in gold?

If you’re like me you might think that our government officials have mismanaged the money in ways we never thought possible. While they might tell you things look up, you should check with millions of Americans who are unemployed and millions who have lost everything, including their homes, to make sure they aren’t predicting a recovery. Most Americans don’t. So let us invest in gold ira.

For wise decisions, let’s examine some facts.

1. Unemployment is extremely high. Many believe that they are higher than published.

2. Bankruptcy is on the rise at an alarming pace. Take this… For years, we have been relying on the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to insure some of our deposits. However, it only has 19 Billion in assets to protect 4.4 trillion deposits. Is that enough to make you smile? It didn’t.

3. The rate of taxation (and the over-taxation) is rising and there seems to not be any relief from Washington, D.C.

4. No reasonable standard can control the government’s spending, and it is expected to continue growing.

Factors which contribute to another likely collapse

* Unemployment: It is important to recognize that unemployment can also be a “cause” and not a symptom or recession. While a bad economy can definitely lead to unemployment, there is no sustained economic recovery that will not involve putting people back on the job. GOOD EMPLOYMENT NUMBERS MUST BE AVAILABLE.

* Housing, personal debt, bankruptcy – Nationwide unemployment, with no foreseeable ending in sight, is just one aspect of the picture. If we consider the low housing stock, turbulent credit markets and massive personal bankruptcies, then the true picture of the economy may begin to emerge.

*When the Housing Bubble burst, it created a vast amount of net worth for average Americans. People were hurt. It really hurt me and my loved ones. A second effect of this is the impact on credit markets: credit becomes less available to people because they lose equity in their homes.

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